Starbucks Infographic

I found this in my inbox, and I think it's pretty interesting.


Sorority T-Shirt

About 2 months ago, I made some T-Shirt designs for the graduation. And it had arrived just yesterday, so I'll show them all off.

#1 125 

125 is the code number for my major. I think it would look simply good for T-Shirt if we just put it the way it is, so I didn't add any decoration around it, just the number. And I'm proud of it.
#2 Studying IMMG

IMMG is the name of my major sorority. The gray circle is taken from the sorority logo, and the words inside the circle (written on the blue area) are the lectures that we got as Metallurgical Engineering student at my university. Personally, they're pretty difficult and unique, that I really want it to be memorized and familiarized.

That's all about the T-Shirt. Meet you again in another creation! ***


Changing Lifestyle

It's time I realize that coffee is not as healthy as what I drink now. So I turned to mineral water. Yup!
It's started when I was hopeless with my pimples that wouldn't come off. There was also something wrong with my urine system. Then I remembered that when I was in senior high, one of my friend drink mineral water as often as she can in order to wash the pimples away. And I also knew that when you got troubles in urinating, mineral water is the answer. So I started to drink mineral water as often as I can. I even bring a bottle of mineral water when I go to campus.
This new lifestyle made me feel better. I feel fresher, get brighter face, and feel more healthy. It also prevents me from sleeping in the class, hehehe...

So, guys, I suggest you to try drinking mineral water as much as you can. You may feel the differences too! ***

Meet The New Housemate

Hi, there!

Sorry for not writing for so long. I've been having such very hectic days back then since I was responsible for a graduation event last October.
It's almost been a week that there's a new housemate came, named Fransesca. She's an exchange student from Germany and studying Mathematics in regular Mathematics class and at the same age as me. I'm so happy that she's a Germany, since I've been willing to test my German with any native other than my cousin. But I think she's also want to learn Indonesian, so we talk in 3 languages: Indonesian, English, and German. She's already fluent in Indonesian, so we almost have no difficulties in having conversation.

One day, I asked her about Indonesian traditional beverages when my friend were about to drink Temulawak (Curcuma). She hasn't drunk any of Jamu, so we asked her to drink some of my friend's beverage that my friend just made. She said it tastes weird (hahaha). Then she told us that when she went to Tangkuban Parahu, she had this beverage with pepper on it. I and my friend were both confused about this, both of us haven't find any Indonesian beverage that has pepper on it, and we were so ashamed that as Indonesian, we don't even know about this kind of beverage.



Ah, apa coba yang udah gue lakuin sampe sekarang? Cuma ningkatin nilai, memperbaiki penampilan, terus nambah pengalaman bersosialisasi di himpunan. Tapi gue ga mengurangi jumlah musuh gue. Sampe saat ini, seenggaknya gue tau masih ada satu orang yang benci berat sama gue (ga menutup kemungkinan kalau masih ada lagi). Dan sampe sekarang, gue belum minta maaf sama dia.

Pertamanya, gue ga minta maaf karena gue pikir gue ga salah. Tapi setelah berhari-hari kemudian, diliat dari sudut pandang orang itu, emang gue salah. Ah, tapi gue terlalu takut buat minta maaf, karena gue juga tau banget kalo dia ga mau ngomong sama gue lagi, apalagi terima maaf gue. Ternyata urusan maaf-memaafkan ini ga segampang soal ujian KPIP. ***